Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Aug long

Recap for the weekend!

It was an emotionally unstable weekend. Darren was lucky again to get all three days off!

Saturday we went to the Hat and I went with Mom and Josie to look for outfits to wear to the wedding. Mom found a nice outfit pretty much right away and it was the only one she had to try on. Josie on the other hand, the poor girl had to try on tons of dresses! There were two favorites that I liked and that I think she would wear again. A nice purple print knee length dress and a purple/black skirt with silk purple top. All looked great on her! She is having issues with her weight and baby fat that she still has from Payton. All I have to say the afternoon got a little tense.

Darren got to hang out with my dad but probably would have enjoyed shopping more... they had a good time, though. Silly guys.

Sunday we slept in till 9! Then headed off to church. We did a drive by of the house!! Talked a lot about mortgage/ finances, wedding problems, and stuff that involved way too much thinking. Poor Darrens head went for an overload and my anxiety tummy aches came back. We did get some things figured out and were glad we had the time to talk. I also played 3 hours of Kingdom Hearts. How's that for wasting some of my day!

Monday we we able to sleep in again!! We left the apartment for a bit. Drove by the house once again(now we can be called house staukers. I fed Byron's fish, they like to go for your fingers, hungry little suckers! I wasn't feeling great all day I ended up napping for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Darren's sister sent a picture of his niece in her flower girl dress and she looks so grown up! Rachel is going to be taught to toss petals nicely not throw petals! I love the picture I get in my head thinking about her throwing petals all over the place! Rachel is so excited about the wedding, that she keeps asking if it's today! She is so excited about wearing her special dress too, she didn't want to take it off when they went shopping. I miss seeing her as much as we did before. In no time she is going to be grown up and won't be as excited to see Uncle Darren and Auntie Jenny.

I should have done dishes or started packing things we don't use but I was LAZY!!!.

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