Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Good news, we probably have a caterer. Now we will just have to fine tune the details. It was such a relief.

I have officially decided giving any one any of my blood is not fun. I had to go for blood work this morning. They used a HUGE needle (well I guess not so big) and took tons and tons of blood!! The nice thing was that I could fast during the night, so from 6:30pm- 8:00am and didn't have to worry about food. The funny thing was I was wantign a snack all night even though I ate a realitively decent meal of salmon, couscous and salad. Maybe my brain was saying "HAHAHA you can't have anything I'm going to make you crave stuff!!!!" Arggghhh my brain and tummy for working aginst me. I was strong and didn't let them get there way!

This afternoon I have my dress fitting. I already know that it needs to come in in the bust, big time, which I find awfully weird since I do have a fair size bust...oh well... it makes me feel good thinking about it anyways. So, since I am doing that on my lunch break, I have to wear my undergarments I bought for the dress to work. It isn't fun sitting in a desk chair with a corset on. I haven't bought any shoes yet for my dress so I am going to wear a pair of heels I have that I like the height of. Reminds me I need to get SHOES and not shoes that are the same color of my dress, I want somethign I can wear again and that are a little funky. We'll see, I have 25 days till the wedding....

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