Friday, June 5, 2009

It's been a busy and long week. I feel exhausted and drained. My emotional self feels fantastic though! I wish everything would get together and feel good all at the same time!

Tomorrow we are having friend over, I'm not to sure exactly how many are going to show up but it'll be a good time rain or shine. Tomorrow also is rodeo pancake breakfast and rodeo parade. It's kind of cool, the parade is going to be going right past over house. That means prime watching spots!! We told some family and friends they can come by and pick a spot in front of the house.

Tonight is all about cleaning the inside of the house. We have been focusing on the yard all week (granted it looks good) but totally forgotten about inside!

It shouldn't be too bad but it still sounds like work.

I think I'm going make some nuts and bolts, (since it's raining and cold out), and puffed wheat squares. If I have time...

I have been off target for the last couple of weeks on my eating and exercising habits. I have been maintaining the same weight but haven't been loosing at all. I have to step it back up because I have a couple of month left, till I have to fit into the bridesmaids dress!

Menu today!
Breakfast: Coffee, Strawberries, banana and grapes with dry cheerios on the side (have decided it doesn't keep me filled till lunch)
Lunch: Whole wheat pasta, apple sliced, peas, carrots, and some cheese to top the pasta. Also a glass of skim milk
Supper: Not sure yet, but probably will have left overs to clean the fridge out, and maybe meatloaf...

1) get in some activity, whether it is light or moderate
2) watch the chip intake.
3) drink tons of water!

Confidence is the sexiest thing a woman can have. It's much sexier than any body part.
Aimee Mullins,

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