Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Snap out of it!

My goodness, somedays I just want to throw something. There is never a good reason why. I feel like my mood swings are getting worse. I want to be happy and excited. Yet, I feel down and depressed. I feel like I'm not getting enough "ME" attention. It seems all the attention I seem to get is all about the baby. (Don't get me wrong I am glad that people care enough to ask and want to how things are going)

What's it going to be like after the little one comes? The focus is still going to be on the baby. That's a fact of life. I'm not really worried about others but with Darren. Are we going to have that time together that we need? How to make time when you are both so tired? What have we gotten ourselves into?

I'll have a good cry later and feel 10 times better ;)

Darren has been doing really good in his healthy eating. He has really been trying not to over indulged on snacks or treats unless he thinks they are going to be worthy of his taste palate. Now if only my cooking can compete daily.

Hmmmm... maybe some gelato this weekend will be a good idea.....

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