Friday, July 2, 2010

Finally Friday!

It would be an even better day if it was a day off. But I did have the luxery of spending a relaxing day at home yesterday.

What did we do for Canada Day?

We slept in, missed the big pancake breakfast bash. Instead I made pancakes for lunch with fresh fruit adn whipped cream, yum! Darren helped me finish off assembling my lasagnas. Feels good to have them in the freezer ready to deliver (and of course a couple for ourselves). I laid down for a bit watching Darren play Soul Caliber on PS3. 

Byron called and asked if we wanted to check out the Rec Center activities. So we headed over there for about an hour. If you were a kid that LOVES bouncy house you were in you glory! Darren was in his glory because there was some international food stands. He tried a few vendors adn enjoyed every last moment of it! I snuck a few bites in too. 

We picked up the  stroller and swing from work (they have been sitting in the backroom for a few months, I thought it was time to take them home). When we got home Darren was showing me a new feature on the PS3 that you can rent or purchase movies. I curled up and fell asleep for about an hour and half.  In the meantime Darren played soem more Soul Caliber. 

Around 7:30 we headed over to Byron & Andrea's for hotdog roast/smores. It was a pretty good time. The weather was beautifiul and the misquitos weren't to horrible. Lastly to end the night we headed to where the fireworks were being set off. It was cool, we could see a little bit of Tilley's fireworks as well. I heard the Brooks 100 yr fireworks that are taking place August long are going to be spectacular. Hopefully I will be able to enjoy them. 

The last couple of nights haven't been good sleeping nights. I have been waking up with a headache and congested. I know that most of it is due to hay fever, which makes things so fustrating. 

Today has been a long day and it's only 10:30am. I'm crossing my fingers hoping the day will speed up a little.

We are off to Calgary tomorrow. Our last trip till the baby comes. I'm hoping to find a chaise lounge, a bookshelf and maybe a shoe rack.... we'll see. Darren wants to have a look at a certain TV he has had his eye on for a bit, to bad Future Shop has exclusive rights at the moment.

Can't wait to see everyone!

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