Thursday, July 29, 2010

Where does the time go!

Being at home with a new baby is exhausting!  My days have been filled with feeding, trying to get some naps, and changing diapers.  Some days have been better than others. Some nights have been better than others.  I do enjoy every minute of it, even though some of those minutes are exhausting. 

I have noticed a change in her and it's only been 2 weeks. She is awake more often (never at the convenient  times).  She is a pretty content baby. She does have her fussy time (early evenings) but everyone does. 

We are trying to convince her that sleeping at night is a good idea. So far 3 hours at a time seems to be her plan.  We'll see if we can extend that to 4 hours! 

Breastfeeding is rewarding and has tons of benefits. There are a few things that make me reconsider. I am the soul food supplier, Darren can't help with that. The leaking is uncontrollable!  

I found out yesterday that I can get into my regular shorts. The waist is a little tight still but it beats wearing maternity shorts & pants that are too big.    Slowly but surely they will fits better.

Yesterday was the first trip I took with Maria by myself. We went out to the lake to visit Auntie Leona and the girls. It was a 20 minute drive (plus a bit of time because we took a wrong turn, poor Andrea, she was following my out with Rylan,  didn't know what I was doing) and Maria did pretty good, only cried for half of it.  She slept the afternoon away snuggled up to anyone that wanted to hold her.  I have found she isn't much of a car rider but loves the stroller. The funny thing is she is in the car seat with both of them. 

In case you needed a baby fix, here are some pictures :)

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