Monday, July 5, 2010

Wonderful weekend!!

I won't get into too much detail about the weekend but will share a few highlights ;).

First for those of you waiting I finally have some belly pictures:

I think Eric did a fabulous job for being indoors at 11:00 at night! I love the orange wall. The only thing is missing is my brightly lighted ass. (who know that such a little light  would give off such a glow!!)  THANKS ERIC!

Oh, while we are talking about Saturday night, the dinner was FANTASTIC! Fresh greens with raspberries, BBQ pork, and blue cheese croutons, mmmmmm......  Come over to my place to cook any time ;)  (the mango frozen yogurt made up for me not getting my gelato, so adding to the wonderful experience)!

Thanks Jen for lunch at Avocado! The meal was yummy, I wish my stomach was bigger though.... Also thanks for putting up with both of us as we scoped out different pieces of furniture. It helped a lot with our Sunday pick ups.

We ended up with a new chaise lounge from EQ3. This is the look of it. I bought it with  a steal colored fabric. It felt so lovely and fit to my body nicely. Unfortunately it didn't fit to Darren's as nicely but it is my chair so he wasn't to concerned ;).  I just love the furniture in this store! There is a sectional couch that I love and bed I love. I think I will need a second job to afford  everything I love! It will be ready for pick up in 6-9 weeks!!! I can't wait!

At Ikea we bought a beautiful bookshelf for the nursery. It has space for tall skinny books, organization boxes and and nicknack's the baby might receive. We also bought one of the cheap storage units for our shoes, (thanks Eric and Nat for the idea) Darren decided he is going to sand it with his new sander and paint it chocolate brown before we set it up.  I am sooo excited! We did try out a nice chair that Darren thought would be good for the living room. We didn't buy it this time but eventually I think we will get it.

The last purchase was a TV. Darren was undecided until 3:30pm if he was going to buy it or not. He has been researching this purchase for over 2 months. He knew exactly what he wanted. I thought since he doesn't usually buy anything for himself, that he deserve something nice. It looks great in the room and the picture compared to what we had before is unbelievable! I think the other TV was around 10-12 years old.  My brother and Darren palyed a few rounds of Soul Caliber after they set the TV up. Darren couldn't beleinve the details that he could see on the costumes.

Before we left the city we stopped at Grandpa Stauffer's and visited with him and Auntie Lorna. It has been a little while since we have seen them. It made a nice end to the Calgary trip.

Andrea is still waiting. The poor thing. She is constantly asked "Has the baby come", " Anything yet?!" I think all this questions are draining her. The positive thing is she is schedule to be induced on Wednesday morning, so I will have a new niece or nephew either Wednesday or Thursday!! I'm soo excited!!!!

Oh, I almost forgot about the experience of our motel on Saturday night!!! We decided to get a motel. So we drove to Motel village off of Banff trail. We thought,  lets try this Motel, it has a sign that says best rates! So we saved $50 and got a room. We didn't have high expectations. The room was very clean (BONUS),  the bed was comfy (we slept soo good) and basically that was it. Now for the experience! The bathroom (very clean and new tile work) I would say dated back to the 1960's. Think about our Grandma's bathroom, the bathtub and toilet was '60s blue. Very retro. The tub had 3 knobs, one for hot, second for cold and the third to turn the water on and off for the shower and lower nozzle (very odd). We lucked out and the toilet didn't stop flushing until we were leaving. I looked into the back of it to see why the tank wasn't filling but couldn't figure it out. I think they will need to replace it. Since the bed was comfy and we both had a great sleep I would give it 3 stars. I told Darren at least they invested in the most important part of the room.  Oh, and if you  wanted a clock, hairdryer, ironing board/iron, you had to go to the main office. I thought it was weird there was no clock in the room.... 

This got longer than I initially thought it would. I tried to add a few pictures to keep you from going cross-eyed as you read it.

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