Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Well we did it. Maria and I ventured out of Brooks and headed to the Hat. She did really well, slept the whole way there with a slight peep when we got to the city. I think we will go and visit Mom once a week or every other week at least. It felt wonderful to get out of town.

I do have some new pics but I haven't put them on the computer yet.

So now things have gotten into some sort of routine, I am seeing things that I would like to do. I need a haircut, but I can't go until I figure out what I would like done. Conservatively I will get my bangs cut and a trim. Extreme I will get it really short, maybe shorter than last year.  Only time will tell.

The basement still needs to be cleaned up so I have a place to do my Yoga but that project has to be done when someone else is watching Maria. There isn't enough time in between her naps to get anything productive done.

I have some apples from Byron's that I need to do something with. I am thinking of freezing a couple of pies. Probably tonight I will make some crust. I'm trying to think of other things to make other than the stand by Apple bars. I'll figure something out.

I wouldn't mind trying to make pepper jelly. Might not happen this year but next year.

Darren picked up my chair last Saturday!! He went up to Calgary with a buddy from work. The chair is fabulous! I am so happy to have it! It makes the bedroom feel like a get away. (especially after I spent one evening rearranging it so the chair will fit).

I have such a craving for Sushi! The good stuff! I could go to Safeway and get some from there but it just isn't the same. I keep telling myself, "Soon".  I think the longer I wait the more I will enjoy it.

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