Thursday, September 11, 2014

September 11, 2014

Not bad, one blog a year. :)

I wish people would think about what they write before posting on Facebook. It's tough ready negative statuses. Is it really worth bad mouthing something without the whole story from the other party and assume your 5 year old is telling the story correctly... I don't see there being a huge problem if teachers don't wish to have certain unhealthy foods in their classroom as long as they send home a note to the parents. Any help with feeding my kids healthy unprocessed food, I would be happy to take. I have a few friends that have this practice in their classrooms and it teaches kids to read labels, cuts down on the sugar. 

Anyways, now for happy news!

Ruth will be a year in a couple of weeks. It's been going by so fast. She's growing like weed, crawling and climbing on everything. She is such a happy little girl. 

Maria is growing up fast too. She started music lessons last week and registered for gymnastics. 

Darren and I went to Hamilton/Toronto last weekend. We had a fantastic time seeing old friends, celebrating a marriage, sight seeing at Niagara Falls, enjoying a Toronto Blue Jays game(with awesome seats), hockey hall of fame, going to CBC ( which I got to see and touch mr. Dress ups treehouse!) and last but not least some really good food!

It was nice to have time to reconnect with my husband without having the girls around. I have been a bit stressed and depressed this summer, I'm feeling more recharged. 

Until next time :)

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