Tuesday, August 26, 2008

5 more days left

It keeps inching closer and closer! We leave for Winfield very early Friday morning. Going to have to drink tons of coffee!! Tonight I need to get my hair trimmed and then finish the couple of loads of laundry that I didn't get done last night (good thing I started a day earlier). I might start packing suitcases tonight.....otherwise that needs to be done tomorrow and finished!

Andrea and I are going shopping tomorrow at lunch, we are heading to the only sex store and the only lingerie store in Brooks. You never know what we will find!!! I was going to look for some kind of long negligee for Sunday night, but Auntie Adena just dropped of a really cute ivory baby doll.....hmmm I guess there are 4 nights of honeymoon!

I keep thinking I am going to forgot something! I've even made an itinerary for us to follow. I'm sure everything will be good but ahhh!!!

When we get back we will need to start packing for our move into the new house! YEAH!! We got it!!! Darren and I are soo excited and very thankful for his sisters help.

I am so much in love with Darren, every day I can't believe that the feeling get deeper and deeper. He is an answer to my prayers!

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