Monday, August 25, 2008


It was such a wonderful weekend.

On Saturday afternoon , Darren and I took my three cousins to the lake. We splash around and sun bathed! After a couple of hours we came back into Brooks and I treated them to a wonderful real ice cream cone!! MMMMmmmmm.

That evening my sister and future sister-in-law through me a shower. It was a small and sweet gathering of freinds adn family. It was a wonderful time. We played a game and I was suppose to answer questions about Darren. Can you believe I only got 4 out of 10 right!! It was hard because he doesn't have a most favorite things but many many favorites!!!

The cool thing was a friend of Darren and mine from Calgary came by herself. (She did have a couple extra gifts from two friends that couldn't come) I was so touched that she came!! I was extra touched when I found out she was giving us an oil painting that she had done! I'll post a pic of it later! I think she has only given out one other piece, so knowing that Darren and I are so honored and tickled pink that she honored us with an origianl art piece.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We hung around the apartment, went through the schedule I made for this week and plain relaxed! I even was able to get a nap in there, while listening to Darren play guitar.....I'm hoping this week won't be too hetic!

I books a manicure for my sister and myself for Sat in Winfield. The cool thing about that is the lady that will be doing it knows the Takenaka family adn went to school with Darrens sister, Carlene. Talk about small world!

I am looking forward to holidays. I'm getting excited and nervous about the days to come! :)

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