Thursday, September 11, 2008

Back to reality!

Okay so I have some time now to get some thoughts out. I'll warn you they are going back a few weeks....

The days before the wedding:

I am soo grateful for everyone that helped out with the setting up. Darren and I wouldn't have been able to get everything doen by ourselves. The yard look spectacular (when I get the pictures in you will be able to see more) I'm very glad we kept it small and simple. I only had one break down and it really wasn't anything to do with the wedding. My niece is mildly allergic to some nuts (everyone didn't even think about it) and had a piece of the almond based wedding cake. She had a little reaction, nothing serious but I think the thought of it could have been serious upset me. I was able to get a little while by myself to write a small letter to Darren, but wasn't able to finish before I went back to the hotel with my parents. So instead of him getting it the night before I had my brother run it to him just before the ceremony. I wanted to say more but ran out of time, but Darrren said he just loved it and cherishes the words that I wrote.

The day of the wedding:

I wish I could put the day in words.... I was early and waitng in the house watching guests walk by and take their seats. There was confusion with the flowers, so the wedding started a little bit later than scheduled. (I was getting a little antzy waiting)

Finally it was time! Everything went smoothly and our ring bearer and flower girl were soo cute. The best part was Darren surprised me with a song he had written. I couldn't contain my tears and missed have the wrods becasue of the shock and pleasure. He recruited my cousin, Kayley to sing with him. It was breath taking, there wasn't a dry eye in the tent. Then there was me not remembering to have some tissue on me, my niece was told to hand me some, which I was very grateful. :)

I was sad that some important people to me weren't able to be there but I am hoping they can enjoy the picture and know that I thought of them that day.

The florist did a spectacular job. The cater was awesome (people commented on the food and loved every bite!)

I am so happy that everyone had a good time and was able to enjoy conversing and walking around the farm.

Days after:

We stayed in a B&B not to far away from Darren's parent place, which was lucky since he forgot his shaving kit and suitcase. It was beautiful! On Monday morning we got up and headed back to the farm to pick up his things. It was nice to beable to visit with his parents without all the commotion. His two aunts and grandpa stopped over while we were there and where able to visit a bit with them too.

We then packed up and headed to Jasper! The drive to Jasper was gorgeous and since we weren't in a huge hurry we were relaxed the whole time. Poor Darren had to drive most of the way, I tried to drive and after 1.5hrs my eyes were getting heavy. (I made it up to him by driving from Jasper to home)

We stayed in this cute cabin, there was a stove, fridge and fireplace. It didn't have a phone or tv which was awesome! I would stay there again! We went canoing, whcih was something Darren really really wanted to do. I did end up enjoying myself but rather be in the water not on the water in a tippy canoe :). In the afternoon we took the gondola up to the top of a mountain and climbed even higher. The view was spectacular! I don't think there are words to explain the experience of seeing that and the pictures didn't do it do it justice.

That evening we decided to go out for a nice supper. We ended up at thsi restraunt that had reviews stating that if the chief's of Jasper ate out they ended up here. (I was I can remember the name of the place) But the food was heavenly! My mouth waters thinking about it. Filet Migon with pesto and goat cheese..... Leek and Wild mushroom soup.....mmmm.....

Wednesday we checked out of the cabin and took a walk around Jasper town, we wanted to see if there was anything we could buy that would be cool for the house. Didn't really come up with anything. Enjoyed looking at the art displayed at the art exhibit, there was one piece I raelly like but Darren preferred another piece... oh well we will agree on something sometime :). In the afternoon I booked a couple massage, not quite knowing what that meant but it was so relaxing, Darren(his first one ever) and I both got a full body massage in the same room. It was a pretty cool experience. I felt tipsy for the rest of day.

We then drove to Edmonton and checked into the Fantasyland hotel. We ended up being upgraded to the luxury roman room, instead of the regular roman room (which means more square footage) for the same price. It was pretty cool to sleep in a round bed.

We spent Thursday shopping and walking around West Ed Mall. There were a few purchases, but the most expensive one was Chapters of course lol. After we had a nice lunch at Spaghetti Factory, we headed to the casino (as per Darren's request) and had some fun playing some slots. Luckily we cam out a little ahead. HORRAY! I think there was a bus full of seniors playing games that day, it was pretty cool to be the youngest couple in the casino.

Darren was called into work on Friday so we came back to reality Thursday evening.

It was a spectular week and I am glad to be back. I will always remember the wonderful time we had.

The secret of a good memory is attention, and attention to a subject depends upon our interest in it.
We rarely forget that which has made a deep impression on our minds.
Tryon Edwards (1809 - 1894)

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