Monday, March 23, 2009

Bridesmaid dress...

So as I mentioned probably before I am a bridesmaid for my brothers wedding in Aug. This is the dress that was decided we would wear. In this picture it looks more firm fitting than I though when I tried on... anyways.... I added the link if you click on the title of this entry.

The size I tried on fit pretty good, a light loose around the bust, and apparently loose every where else....(as per picture) It's a tie back, and the lady had it tied as tightly as it went and there was still a little room in the waist.

She took my measurements and suggested I order the size smaller. The hip measurements are my only problem..... they measured an inch larger than the smaller size called for.... she did say that there is room to take out the hips if needed. I couldn't believe the measurements that we took, 36-29-41 with a sweater and jeans on... I think that is awesome!

I am going to have to push myself a little more on working out my lower half. I think it can be done. I have gone this far in eating right and getting active to worry about 1 little inch on the hips.

I'm going to focus on lower body trimming exercises for the next little bit. I'm going to research what exercises are the most effective. I would like to start jogging outside but still trying to work myself up for that.... besides I need new runners.

I did okay with my eating last week except had too much salt this weekend. That effective my weekly weigh in. I stayed the same..... but if I measure myself tomorrow instead , it'll probably go down..... thems the breaks.

Favorite thing of the day is new bras! Yeah! It feels good!

Goals for today:
- drink 3L and get flush the sodium
- get in 30 jogging tonight
- no sweet snacks unless it's fruit.

Sometimes you can't see yourself clearly until you see yourself through the eyes of others.
Ellen DeGeneres


  1. Where do you jog if you don't jog outside?

  2. That dress is beautiful! Way to go on fitting the smaller size. And I definitely recommend jogging outside. It's so energizing when it's sunny!

  3. Thanks!

    I jog inside. :)

  4. Thanks Jenny;) But are you on a treadmill?

  5. Teeheee , not yet....I'm starting slow and jogging on the spot with the Wii Fit. I work up a pretty nice sweat some days ;)

  6. Ooooo...Wii Fit - cool!! I've heard those are great:)