Wednesday, April 8, 2009


I found a pet peeve of mine. I hate being bothered when I am trying to sleep, knowing that I still have an hour left to sleep before I actually HAVE to get up.

Walking to work help my mood a little, you a little fresh air always helps, but I'm still not in a regularly pleasant mood. I hope no one comes in or phones me today.

I am feeling a lot better health wise today. I finished all my oatmeal. I ate supper last night. So things are looking up!

Goals for today:
1) walk to work (that's my 30 minutes of activity)
2) have a balanced lunch and supper
3) clean up the house a bit
4) go to bed early again and finally kick the last lingering elements of this bug

Meals for the day so far planned:
breakfast: 1/3 c quick oats, apple chopped, 1/3 c skim milk, coffee
lunch: pita with cheese toasted in the oven, carrots, maybe a kiwi
supper: not sure yet

A ruffled mind makes a restless pillow.
Charlotte Bronte (1816 - 1855)

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