Tuesday, June 2, 2009


New favorite snack!


My sister-in-law had brought these out for an afternoon snack the other day. She nuked the pods and sprinkled them with sea salt. I could believe how wonderful they tasted! (and how much my niece and nephews enjoyed them).
Now my challenge is to find them, Safeway here doesn't carry them, may Market Place will, or I will stop at the small Asian supermarket.
Wish me luck!


  1. Costco. They are something like 6.95 for a box of little boxes of them.

  2. I have never tried edamame beans! I will have to pick some up...

  3. I get mine in safeway but I can only get frozen ones - did you check the frozen aisle? They are not as good as the fresh but they are still good.

    I love love these - i first tried them at Earls - they have them as an appetizer - great to fill up on before a meal. :o)

    Good luck finding them.

  4. Thanks! I saw the frozen ones last night but my stomach is set on the fresh ones! I will find them, that's my challenge this week!