Thursday, May 28, 2009

Simply Great Food Cookbook

Today is my awesome husbands 30th birthday!! I'm making his favorite butter chicken (I found it in the Simply Great cookbook). It's the dish on the cover of the cookbook. It is a healthier version of Butter Chicken and Darren has comment how he loves the flavor soo much more than restaurant butter chicken! WHAT A GREAT COMPLIMENT! I try not to use the half and half cream but sub with plain yogurt. The recipe has a lot of ingredients but very easy to make.

I'm going to pair it up with some rice, maybe add a little coconut extract in it.... and steamed asparagus, (I love it when asparagus goes on sale!) I'm going to stop and pick up some Naan bread.

Back to the wonderful cookbook.... I also really liked the Peanut Butter Fax seed cookies. They tasted fabulous!

I am looking forward to trying more recipes! It shows nutritional values of the dishes and gives little tips on the sides of the pages. Not every recipe has a picture but the ones that do are fantastic. This book gets my seal of approval and I recommend anyone to pick it up!

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