Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Do you think it is possible for your body to just refuse to loose any more weight? I have been staying around the same weight for the last couple of months. Give or take 3 lbs... I have tried switching up my routine a bit. I think until my activity gets more intensity then I will be the same. I'm alright with how I look and feel now. I would like to loose another 5lbs.. but of course they are the hardest to loose. :) I guess if I watched what I was eating even closer and stayed away from the little treats I have once in awhile, I might see more results.

It all comes down to how much I want to loose. Maybe since I am content with my imagine, I don't feel the need to be strict.

I am making good choices in what I am eating on the most part. I tend to lean towards the fruits and veggies over the candy and chips.

Goals for this week:
1) Drink TONS of water. (it's soo dry)
2) No snacking after 8pm
3) 6 hours of activity for the week ( 2 hours in which I walk to work)

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