Monday, May 25, 2009

I'm Back

It's been a little while since I have posted. I have been away on vacation. It was a fabulous week! We were gone for 10 days and feel the most relaxed than we ever have coming back from a trip!

It all started on Friday, May 15. I packed the car and did last minute checks to make sure we got everything while Darren went into work for his annual appraisal (which went really well). I dropped off my key to Uncle Greg and waited for Darren to finish up (I got some racking done on the front lawn too).

Finally we were all ready to go. When arriving in Calgary we decided to go down to Kensington. (Darren wanted to check out the comic book store). We walked around and enjoyed the beautiful weather. We decided it was time to eat and we headed to Diner Deluxe! We had forgotten how wonderful the food is. My mouth is drooling thinking about the trout sandwich with lemon caper mayo and oka cheese.... I recommend pretty much anything on the menu!

After our delicious meal we headed to the Palliser hotel (Darren found a really good deal) and checked into our room. Which we freshened up and heading straight over to the CPO for Video games live! The concert was fabulous.

Saturday morning we continues our travels and drove to Winfield, BC. It was a nice trip out there, even if there was a lot of traffic and construction. When we arrived there was a scheduled hot dog roast with Darren's external family. We spent the following day at a water park in Kelowna with them as well. That evening the cousins all went and saw Wolverine, SWOON! (I enjoyed the movie a lot!)

Monday morning, we had a wonderful breakfast before everyone left to go home, homemade cinnamon buns.... It was wonderful to see everyone and catch up!

That afternoon, Darren's friend Matt came from Abbotsford to spend the night. It was awesome to reconnect and listen to them jam together! We went and saw Star Trek. (It was pretty good, almost makes me want to be a trekkie....almost ;) )

Tuesday was the day we were packing up again to travel to Otter Lake. We had some left overs for lunch and with 3 cars and a truck packed ready to go we had a convoy. It was about a 2.5 hour drive (so not to terrible). But the time we got out there we were all ready to start the "Annual Family Vacation" I think they have been doing this for the last 9 or 10 years.... I have been to two now. This year there was no schedules. There was plenty to do at the actual lake front properties we were staying at.

Darren and I finally were able to learn to kayak. (I was able to get a picture of Darren but unfortunately we did get a pic of me). We both enjoyed it so much that we are going to invest in a couple for our own and take them out to the local lake. The weather was spectacular! We noticed yesterday that we got quite a bit of color in our skin. I have turned to a nice brown and was only red in the fore head and shoulders for a couple of days.

The lake was really chilly but after a long kayak, i was hot and needed to cool off. I did a cannon ball off the diving board! BAM! The shock to the system was instant. The second jump in was much better.

There was a rope swing across the lake. When we had paddle boated/ canoed over there to check out the Trans Canada Trail. Most had a good swing on it. I couldn't believe Darren went on it. He's turning into quite a dare devil!

Being outside and enjoying the sun was a dream. As we were heading home we both felt really relaxed and wonderful! It felt like a well need vacation and once that we didn't have to rest from. This is the first time that Darren said that he wasn't ready to leave the Okanagon. Every other time we had gone out there to visit. He was ready to leave and get back to Alberta. Does this mean that maybe one day we will move out there.... who knows?

Yesterday we slept in a little and spent the day grocery shopping, watering the very dried up lawn, doing some laundry and I baked some peanut butter flax seed cookies and Bran Oat Banana Bread. (Both by which are fantastic recipes, I will post at a later date).

It's good to be home and back at work. I am so thankful for the wonderful break!

Every day holds the possibility of a miracle.
Elizabeth David

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  1. Sounds like a fabulous holiday! So glad you were both able to take the time. :)