Thursday, July 2, 2009


We spent the better part of Canada day at the beach. It wasn't as warm as it usually is but we did end up in the water and played some frisbee. Darren had his kayak out so we took turns going out on it. I prefer when there are no speed boats causing huge waves while I am kayaking.

We then went over to a friends house and played "What's yours like" and had a BBQ. Darren and I found a really good deal on premade beef kabobs (no sauce on them either!) We Put them on the BBQ and they tasted soo good!

I have come to a realization that I have a problem with all these social events that are going on.


If the food is there I do watch my moderations but there is no need for my two eat the chips, chocolate or other goodies laying around. Normally I'm not hungry but have the need to chomp. I'm going to try a new technique and make sure I have gum with me and if I feel the need to chomp them, pull out a piece.

Andrea is picking up my dress today. Hopefully it fits!!! lol

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