Thursday, August 20, 2009


Stressed out?.... maybe a little.
I have a feeling I have been off and on all summer. I need to figure out what is going on. Maybe it's my diet, not enough of certain vitamins... not enough exercising.... I feel like I need to explode!!!
Maybe drinking more water would help, getting outside and enjoying this nice weather we finally have.
I had only a couple of sips of my coffee this morning. Didn't feel like drinking any more. I guess that's a good sign, I don't need caffeine.
Darren is looking into taking some days off, what ever he can get, I will take the same days and hopefully we will be able to get away some where. Maybe go on a road trip, stopping to see the sights, staying over night at a lonely hotel and continuing on our way the next day.... we'll see what happens.
These are a few candid shots of me when we went to Canmore for the stagette. I know what you are thinking a little riske.

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