Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Busy busy

Its been super busy in the last couple of weeks. I am ready for a holiday!! Now it to actually figure out when. The best time would have been the last weekend of Aug but my brother decided he should get married then. (I am really excited for the event!! He is marrying a wonderful woman!) Then I was told that there is a black out period for Darren's work from September to December, crappy. If he could take the first week of September off that would have been cool, we could have celebrated our anniversary on our holiday. As of today we are heading to Winfield, B.C. for Thanksgiving, maybe see if we can get an extra day on either side of the long weekend (since Darren has that weekend off).

Anyways, I NEED a VACATION!'

This last weekend was 14th Annual Skriver reunion. It was a blast. The only problem was it rained for most of it and being crapped up in the mess hall can lead to cabin fever! We were able to play volleyball at the Linden gym, I forgot how much I actually enjoy volleyball. Was a little sore the next day and suffered a sprained ring finger (my ring would not fit over my knuckle, I am hoping tomorrow it will).

The food was incredible, Christmas in Aug! I adore turkey! I tried to keep my self from over doing it but it's hard when there are all these homemade treats, breads, and such. I was lucky and didn't gain at all, thanks to the 3 hours of volleyball.

Darren missed half the reunion due to Byron's bachelor party was on Saturday. There was three of them that left Saturday morning and came back VERY early Sunday morning. Darren's eyes were opened as he watched people drink way too much. He felt terrible about being the one to haul Byron out of the bar at 2am... at least our other cousin that went doesn't drink either (he was the driver). I told him you have to do that with drunk people, they make you feel bad but if you don't do it they will get into more trouble.

The next two weeks I am going to try to stick to meal plans, I need to make sure I am not over indulging. (except for those small pieces of chocolate that I got in Canmore a couple of weeks ago, it'll last until the beginning of September)

I'll have to get out and walk some more, my activity level has decrease a little bit.....

Stress is an ignorant state. It believes that everything is an emergency. Nothing is that important.
Natalie Goldberg

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