Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Fall is a wonderful time of year!

We had a wonderful weekend. On Saturday we went for a walk downtown, stopped at the local coffee shop and enjoyed a great conversation over a hot cup of java! We popped into a few local stores, Darren was inspired to work towards his goal of owning his own store one day. I bought a new pair of slacks for work and have gotten compliments every time I have put them on! Yeah finally a pair of pants that fit!

Sunday we headed over to Byron and Andrea's for lunch and watch them open their wedding gifts. It was nice to visit with everyone, I t has been a few weeks since I have talked to my parents and sister.

Jo was asking if I wanted to come with her to a cake decorating class. I told her that would be cool. So starting in November on Tuesday nights, I will be driving to Medicine Hat for a class. I enjoy cooking but baking might be a different story.

The weather is beginning to get crisp. I adore the fall! But it's hard to dress in the mornings. I have to wear a jacket because it's cool when I walk to work but by lunch it is so hot outside. I never know what to wear!!

What to do tonight? Maybe see if golfing might be an option.... or a long fall walk..... or go to BP's (which I don't really want to eat) to visit some friends.

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