Friday, October 23, 2009

Couldn't sleep (expressing thoughts)

Ever felt like the past is haunting you. That's how I felt every time I closed my eyes last night. People and actions of my past (not the pleasant stuff, the regrettable stuff) kept popping in my mind. There was a time were I was doing stupid things. I am remembering things that I wish I could just forget about, stuff that I would hate for anyone to know. (except Darren, who knows more than I maybe should of told but we are honest with each other and there is no judgement). I can't figure out what sets it off....

It's funny both of think we don't deserve to have each other some days. I guess that proofs we both have our good and bad. We have a very strong bond and that's why it makes it easy to trust each other.

I wish I was more innocent and he wishes he wasn't. He isn't a saint by far, and much more kinky than I am....

We are going to see The Gruff tonight, and then heading to Calgary tomorrow for some shopping and Darren's is going to a stag. On Sunday we are probably heading to the Hat. It's going to be an exhausting weekend, fun, but exhausting.

Breakfast: whole wheat cinnamon bun, grapes and banana
Snack: Skim milk latte (no syrup)
Lunch: Tuna wrap with broccoli slaw, cheese and an apple
Supper: Whole wheat pasta with tomato sauce and cheese.

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