Monday, October 26, 2009

Meh Monday

Just love it when Monday feels like Monday..... :(

It's been a pretty quick day but feels long at the same time. I don't understand how that can be but it is.

This weekend was fabulous!

On Friday night we went and saw The Gruff. They were fantastic! Nothing like a little folk music to make one feels good. We enjoyed it so much we even bought a CD!

On Saturday we got up and headed to Calgary. We picked up Darren's Halloween costume, walked down 17th Ave and headed over to Ryan, Eric and Nat's place. Darren went with the guys to play paint ball (not his favorite thing to do but he did it) and then they headed out for supper, they were celebrating Eric's Stag.

Nat and I went shopping. I was looking for a dress and shoes to wear to there wedding. I found the cutest dress! It is a rich purple satin, strapless, knee length. The color looks amazing on me! I will need to get a shawl of some sort but perfect. The shoes are a 2.5 inch platform heel. They are comfy and unexpectedly easy to walk in.

I also found a peacock blue sweater and fell in love with it. I'm wearing it today and feel vibrant.

After we were shopped out which was about 2 and half hours, we heading for some coffee. Saw the boys in transition, it was a good thing because I needed to clean some paint off Darren's pants. After that we went on a date for some YUMMY sushi! It's funny, I seem to eat more sushi now than I did living in Calgary.

We came back home that night. Darren was suffering from a terrible headache. He doesn't get headaches very much so when he does they are pretty bad.

On the drive home (we left about 1am), I had do do some pretty defensive driving just before Strathmore. There was a van parked on the right side of the road with it's blinkers on, I thought nothing out of the normal, a few metre down there was a couple walking on the edge of road. I had gotten into the left lane as a courtesy, about a km after I switched lanes there was 3 males dressed in dark cloths walking in the left handed lane. I barely had time to swerve out of the way not to hit one of them. It shook me up quite a bit. What are people walking in the middle of a busy highway in the middle of the night dressed in black for?

We arrived home about 3-3:30 am and went straight to bed. We slept in a bit and then drove to Medicine Hat for Sunday dinner at mom's to celebrate Jo's birthday. It was a fantastic visit! We took Payton to the park. She enjoyed watching her uncles and aunts play on the equipment. ;)

Found out that I am going to be an aunt again. My sister is having another baby due in May. Happy for them, even though I know Jo was hoping for a wedding first. We get teased a little about having kids. On most days we can handle it and move the conversation to something else. But yesterday, Darren was not in a mood to deal with it as much teasing we got. He did end up snapping a little and poor Grandma was the one that heard it. He felt horrible after.

We are okay if we have kids but we are in no hurray to have them. We are both enjoying being just us. I hate the pressure of people asking when are you going to have one, suppose we had been trying or we can't have any...... how do you like that would make us feel.

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