Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Best thing I learned

I was thinking last night about what I have learned about my eating habits over the last year.

Tracking what I ate, including handful of things here, tastes of things there, made a huge difference!

All those little snacks added up very quickly and they were not needed.
A cookie has how many calories! A handful of raisins is what!

Moderation is the key! Small meals through the day is great when you are able to do it. That way you aren't reaching for those tempting high calorie, sugary or carb filled snacks.

Make sure you are eating a balance in food groups, getting your fruits and veggies, dairy, protein (preferably lean), and whole grains. I have been limiting my sugar intake and when I want a treat having a small portion instead of the whole thing. (Lately a dark chocolate bar last me a couple of weeks, instead of one sitting.)

The other thing that has been helping me, keep snacky foods out of the house. If they are in the house, they will be eaten. If I do have baking in the house I tend to freeze it, there is less chance of me (or Darren) indulging in it if it isn't right there in front of us. (on a side note, when I do bake I use whole wheat flour and try to find a healthier version of the recipe, so when we do enjoy a taste it isn't as bad)

The next step for me is to get the activity levels increased. (We are in the market for a treadmill, Darren is researching, if anyone has a favorite brand or model let me know)

Fitness Goal:
Sit ups for last night: 15
Hopefully more tonight! Darren is judging my form and counting. (I don't know if I trust his counting.... )

Meals for today:
Whole wheat cinnamon bun ( I know.... not the best but I ran out of time this morning for oatmeal) with grapes
Snack: Fat free latte no syrup
Lunch: Tuna, whole wheat tortilla, light mayo, low fat cheese, apple, and 20 pretzel sticks
Supper: Perogies (4) , smokie and apple (not the best meal but ran out of time to cook)

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