Thursday, October 15, 2009

FALL! Most wonderful time of the year!

It felt so good to go to Winfield for Thanksgiving. The weather was beautiful. Perfect fall!

The whole family was there. Our niece and nephews are growing up so fast. We took Tyler (age 5) to the movies on Monday. We saw Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs. We enjoyed it and learned that you don't give a 5 year old a beverage, there was 3 bathroom trips during the movie, lucky Darren.

We brought back right from the garden squash, pumpkin and Gourds. I am going to puree them both and freeze it. That way I have some on hand when I feel like making soup or pie.

We also brought back a box of apples. There is nothing like apples fresh from the grower! I am still thinking about what I am going to do with the apples. Probably make some apple sauce, and maybe a couple of pies....

We stopped in Calgary on our way home and did a little shopping. We bought a birthday present and found a few things for Darren at Roots and I bought a cookbook about preserving, freezing, and drying veggies/fruits for beginners and a stapleless stapler (very cool).

We didn't have any snow the whole trip until we came back to Alberta. It was a little depressing to come home to it, especially when the mountains had none.

Didn't overindulge on the wonderful yummy food, but also ate more than I actually needed. I'm glad it is only 3 time a year we have big meals like that!

We were able to enjoy a lot of fresh air! On Sunday I had too much and ended up sleeping through supper.... oops.... but on my defense Darren did come up stairs to let me know, but he turned off the light and didn't tell me it was supper time until after. I ended up eating after and then snuggling with Darren on the couch watching Vancouver play some team... (I don't remember who).

I would like to be able to walk to work but until I get new boots, I can go walking through the slush on the sidewalks with dress shoes on.

Today's meals
Breakfast: Oatmeal with frozen fruit, banana and milk
Snack: Sugar-free, skim milk tea latte.
Lunch: Tuna wrap with broccoli slaw and apple
Supper: I'm not sure... possible pasta with sauce... we have a birthday party to attend tonight so we'll see what we have time for.

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