Friday, October 30, 2009


It feels good it is finally Friday. I can wear casual clothes to work. Meaning I will be comfy today. I feel awfully tired this morning, even though I know I had a deep restful sleep last night. I guess that's the problem with catching a cold (not the flu, no fever, just a cold). I am taking Buckley's today, maybe that is part of the doziness.

I wish the TV shows I would like to watch was on earlier in the evening. Shopping bags, Color confidential, The office, Glee (have only watched one episode but interested in seeing more). I think 9:30 is too late and is sleep time. I must be getting old ;). The funny thing is I don't get up any earlier if I go to bed earlier.... go figure.

I am excited about my Halloween Costume this year, I'm hoping it turns out okay! I am NOT being a witch!! (for many many years that has been my back up costume) I need to finish the wig tonight (was too exhausted to work on it last night) and add elastic into the pants. Time to dust off the handy dandy sewing machine! Darren's costume is done. He just has to put it on.

I have found some really cool recipes and ideas to bring to the party. Carrot fingers(with almond nails) sticking out of the dip (Feta and spinach), I might add some red food coloring as blood. Swamp punch (with tapioca pearls), caramel apples. Cheese fingers. I wish I had found this website last year when the party was at my place.

I will be posting picture next week :0)


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