Tuesday, October 6, 2009


We are off to Winfield this weekend!! YIPPEE!!!

I took Friday and Tuesday off, and Darren is just taking Tuesday. I am going to pack on Friday, maybe run on the treadmill (at my brothers) and we will leave for Calgary after Darren gets off work. (so the plan is as of today)

We are going to do a little birthday shopping and enjoy supper with Jen (who is gracious enough to have us crash at her place yet again!!) Then bright and early (but not too early to grab a coffee) we are off to Winfield. Hopefully the traffic and weather are too bad driving through the mountains.

We heard that the whole family is going to be there! We haven't seen everyone since May (we did get a chance to have lunch with Leanne, Reno and the kids a couple of weekends ago)

Fall in the Okanagan is wonderful! SIGH......

Tonight we are working on our thank you notes, THEY NEED TO GET DONE! We have decided we have procrastinated long enough. I am going to study while Darren writes them, then I will address and stamp the envelopes. our goal is to get them done before we leave on Friday.

My evil genius Procrastination has whispered me to tarry 'til a more convenient season.
Mary Todd Lincoln (1818 - 1882)

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  1. You are both MORE than welcome to crash at my place as many times as you like! I LOVE visiting with the both of you! :)