Monday, October 5, 2009


Dad came for the weekend to finish putting in the garborator. I've used it once so far and it works like a dream. While he was staying we worked on some extra little things I needed help with and somethings that he wanted to help with. So we got :

1) garborator in
2) plugs switched in the basement bedroom I painted
3) light switches changed in the basement bedroom and upstairs spare room
4) gutters cleaned
5) bush by deck trimmed back
6) big pole blocking the dryer spot moved, so now i can get a front load dryer in!
7) Coffee at the local coffee shop

BONUS: Dad fixed our side door lock so it doesn't stick any more

For all his hard work I made him a yummy lasagna. Darren and Dad both exclaimed it was one of my best! I'm trying to think of what I did different.... The almost devoured it Friday night, but did save a little so they could have some for lunch the next day.

We bought season tickets for Griffin Park theatre. Saturady was the first show. It was Rodeo Riders. They are from Calgary and usually play at the stampede. Western music with comedy. They were interesting to watch but Darren and I were getting too hungry to stay for the second half. We went over to Janessa's for the weekly games night and made some homemade pizza! Yummy!

Sunday was a pretty slack day. Darren worked from 6:30am-10:00am and we went to church. We went for lunch with Andrea and Byron. In the afternoon , I started to go through some more boxes but Darren suggested a nap (apparently he didn't sleep at all the night before), I couldn't say no to a nap. I ended up reading for a couple of hours and napped for one. He napped for almost 6 hours.

I got up and made supper, he woke up long enough to have some and then we were in bed early. It felt nice to catch up on some sleep.

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