Friday, October 2, 2009

that's a start

We went over to my brother to watch the hockey game. Instead of sitting on the couch I borrowed his treadmill and did a brisk walk for 20 minutes, then jogged for 10 minutes and 10 more minutes of walking. Basically I kept moving the whole first period and them some.

This morning I did cheat a little and bought a whole wheat cinnamon bun from the coffee house. It tasted wonderful. I suppose a treat like that every now and again doesn't hurt.

Lunch is going to be tuna wrap with a yogurt and soup chicken noodle soup.

Supper, I'm not too sure yet. Dad will be I will need to make something. I planned on lasagna for tomorrow lunch, I guess I could make it for tonight and we can have left overs tomorrow.... that would work. So when I go home get that sauce ready in the crackpot so I can assemble when I get home after work.

I'm fighting a pretty bad headache today. I think it's the weather. I'm so glad it's Friday, I can sleep in a little tomorrow and get some house stuff done with Dad. Use Sunday as a total relax day!

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