Monday, November 23, 2009

Dropping Everything!

Wow, yesterday was not a great day. I kept dropping everything I touched. Luckily I didn't break any dishes. I did end up dropping on of my cake layers into the sink full of water, those cakes sure know how to absorb water! I still had one left. So I am going to ice it tonight as a single pretending it was a double. Less cake to have to worry about getting rid off.

As I was making supper, I dropped everything I took out of the fridge. At least today, so far I haven't the butter fingers as I had yesterday.

This week is BUSY! I was hoping to catch up on some rest on teh weekend but that never happened.

Tonight: making icing and icing cake, getting supplies ready for class tomorrow.
Tuesday: cake decorating class, was suppose to go to a concert but Darren is going to take Grandma instead
Wednesday: Supper meeting for work (chinese buffet.... have to be careful what I eat), Mom and Dad's anniversary dinner, which I am missing
Thursday: Off to Calgary for doctor appointment (not mine), then probably get some shopping done after
Friday: Watching a friends play in the evening
Saturday: Off to Calgary once again, Darren's parents will probably be in Calgary and will visit with them and other family members. In the evening supper with Jen and possibly movie... staying the night at her place (can't wait to see Frankie)
Sunday: During the day not sure, but going Banff for a 5:30 wedding. YEAH! Driving back to Brooks after reception.
Monday: I took the day off!! A well needed day off! I am going to either curl up with a good book or play our new Mario game for WII. Darren has to work, poor guy.

Until later!

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