Monday, November 16, 2009

A new week


I ate a donut this morning as a morning snack... I know, I know... what was I thinking!! I have planned the rest of my day around that yummy donut. I can't remember the last time I actually ate one......hmmmm......

Weigh in this morning was the same as last week. I am okay with that. I didn't over eat and didn't under eat. I was able to enjoy some new yummy dishes.

I made baked spring rolls from the Companies Coming Light Cooking. They tasted pretty good. I wish I could figure out the sauce they use in the restaurants with the bits of carrots is. (if anyone knows please let me know!) The spring rolls were easier to make than I initially thought, though they did take a little while to roll. I would make them again, maybe without turmeric.
I also made a phyllo apple dessert (since I had left over phyllo dough). The filling was apples, tapioca, brown sugar and lemon juice. Wrapped in a phyllo dome. It tasted pretty good as well. (from the same cookbook)
I have made red velvet cupcakes for cake decorating class. They aren't really red, more brownish red, but they look yummy. Hopefully the decorating class helps make them look beautiful!
I'm going home tonight and icing the cupcakes and getting them ready for tomorrow. I am also going to separate the icing into different containers so I can add colors to them (Black, copper and extra color of my choosing)

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