Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Almost over

It's only Wednesday....

Only two more days to go until the weekend. It has been a rough week. Physically I am feeling pretty good but the problems that are coming into the office are a headache. I wish people would just have the money in there account like they are suppose to., then I wouldn't have to listen to them get upset the the policy is being cancelled due to NSF! ARGGHHH! It's not MY fault that the money wasn't in there.

There was my little vent for the week ;)

I started going through our clothes to get rid of stuff that has been just collecting dust in the closet. So in doing that I have all the dresser drawers empty and have the closet empty. Everything is in piles in the living room. My thinking is if I put the mess in there, it will get cleaned up fast because we will go crazy.

I rearranged the bedroom furniture so our heads are not beside the drafty windows. Last night was a warmer sleep. I cleaned out the night table drawers moved all the books in the bedroom to the book shelf in the spare room. (as a note we need more book shelf space)

This morning did not start very good at all. I woke up (I think that was what started everything), had a shower, found some clothes to wear in the heap, found I need to iron my shirt, burnt my arm on the iron(but have a wrinkle free shirt), got to work, realized I wore my old glasses(which give me headaches in front of the computer), and that I missed the monthly staff conference call. At least it has been a pretty quite day so far, knock on wood. All this happened before 8:30 this morning!

Tonight on top of going through all the clothes, I need to make a pie for tomorrows pot luck lunch at work. I am thinking of making a pumpkin pie.... wish me luck ;).

I think I'll have french onion soup and an apple for lunch. MMMMmmmm I took out a slab of beef for supper, trying to think about what to do with it. We'll see.

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