Monday, January 18, 2010

Busy Busy

Such an eventful weekend.

I took off Friday, I don't think I could have focused at work even if I did go in. I did however go for lunch with Stacey. It was so nice seeing her, it had been such a long time. One thing I love about our friendship is that it doesn't matter how much time passes, there is a comfort level that is always there. It helped to talk to her about Grandpa and a couple of other things that have been going on.

Saturday, Darren and I headed for Calgary. I had gotten Darren tickets to see Fiddler on the Roof at the Jubilee. The concert didn't start till 2pm so we headed up a little earlier and had a really nice visit with Darren's Grandpa and Auntie Lorna. We stayed for lunch at the Manor and had soup and sandwich.

After lunch we headed to Sait. We parked in the outside parking lot right across from the doors and went inside to find our seats. When I bought the tickets the best seats that were available were up in the top balcony. When we got up there it seemed like a LONG ways down! But I enjoyed the seats we had. I was able to see the whole stage (could be that I wasn't sitting behind a tall person this time...) The show was fantastic! I love live musicals. The second half was a little more drawn out even though it was a shorter section time wise, but that probably has to do with the serious issues that come up in the story, and that I had to go to the bathroom really bad! The line up at intermission was horrible, and 20 minutes wasn't enough time to stand in line.

After the show we slowly headed to the car, since getting out of the parking lot would take forever anyways. When we got to the car, we called Darren's sister to let her know we will be over around 6. The cars didn't move behind us for 20 minutes and when they finally did move. I turned the car on and put it in reverse, 6 cars drove by without letting us into the line. Finally someone was nice enough to let me back up. I found it a little frustrating because I let people in and it's not going to slow me down any more than if I didn't let someone in. COURTESY! It was funny when we looked into the parking lot when we were out of it, there were only 15 cars left...

We headed to Leanne and Reno's for supper. Leanne had made roast beef, an assortment of veggies, and bread. Such a wonderful supper. We told them some good news and we ended up coming home with a car full of stuff! It was great to see little Rachel and Carson (he has a fantastic slap shot for being 23months, scored on Darren a couple of times). Those kids are full of such energy, I don't know how Leanne and Reno handle it everyday! We came home that evening.

Sunday we headed to Grandma Skanderup's to be with the family. We had a good visit and it feels nice to be around loved ones. Dad and Mom's cousin sent over some pot luck type of food, beef stew, mashed potatoes, salad and cake. It was so wonderful not to have to think about meals with that many family members to feed. Kayley made a cake on Thursday night that I sent back to the Hat with mom (it tasted pretty fantastic!)

This week is going to be a pretty long week. The funeral isn't till Friday. I am ready for closure but I understand waiting so that family further away can be able to travel here.

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