Friday, February 5, 2010

Mood Swings!

Poor poor Darren.

He gets to put up with my ever so expanding mood swings. One minute I'm angry, then crying, then happy, feel lonely, don't want to be touched. I hope it doesn't get worse, I don't if he will be able to handle it. They have gotten worse over the last couple of weeks. So far I have been able to to keep the worst of it at home and away from work. I'm so glad that I'm not working in retail any more. I don't think I could handle the complaints people would have or if I had made a wrong call.

I tried the prenatal Pilate's with the mat last night. I found it more intense on the arms than the ball, which was more intense on the lower body. I guess I'll have to alternate days and do them both. I have been sleeping good the last couple of nights.

It was CHILLY walking to work this morning. The wind cut through my clothing like a hot knife through butter. Chilled to the bone, brrrrrrr.

We are going to a concert at the Griffin Park Theatre. I think his name is David Myles.

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