Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lack of modivation and BAD eating habits

First I am going to vent. I have been eating CRAP all week! I had KFC for the first time in a couple of years( it was good but felt horrible after the fact) and McDonald's today!! I have to get back into cooking at home. I find I have no motivation to be in the kitchen or can think of something I would like to make. More veggies and fruit are a must! My stomach is now calling for things that aren't good for me. DANG cravings. I have to remember that I can have treats once in awhile but make sure if I do treat myself then also add a nutritious food with it. Darren's been pretty luck that my cravings haven't been so bad that I want odd foods at odd hours.

The nice thing is I haven't been gaining obscene amount of weight. Basically my weight gain is progressing pretty close to what it should be at this stage. Still I think I should be able to control my eating habits.

On a positive note I have opened and tried my first prenatal Pilate's DVD. The one I tried last night was using the balance ball. It was low impact and I didn't sweat at all but this morning I did feel a few muscles that were a little sore. I am going to try the mat version tonight. I've also been walking to work for the past couple of weeks in all kinds of weather because Darren needs the car to get to work and I am to lazy to get out of bed an hour early to take him. Oh, well it problem better that I walk to work anyways, it wakes me up.

I'm hoping Darren goes running tonight and I can have some time to think of what to make for supper. Maybe I'll make hamburger with mushroom soup sauce and rice with broccoli. Or chicken with rice and broccoli...... Rice for sure.

This weekend since Darren has it off I think we should get some stuff done around the house that we have been putting off........ Filing, recycling, garbage in basement, thank you cards, clean up the spare room so we can figure out what to do with it, straighten the basement, change the hallway burnt out light bulb and see about moving the futon downstairs (might need to get some help woth that one) ...... That should get us through to Sunday :)

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