Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Had a wonderful weekend of nothing. :) Saturday we cleaned the house and did some laundry. Sunday we headed to the Hat for dinner at Mom's. She made turkey! MMMmmm. That evening I took Darren to finally see Avatar in 3D. It was pretty good, beautiful to watch. For not really wanting to see it, I enjoyed it.

Darren was going to try to go to the new track to run but volunteered to help a friend of his move his TV to Airdrie. I tried to wait up for him but I think he got in about 1am ish.... Poor guy he had to be up and ready for 6:30 this morning.

I had to be in to work at 8am for a conference call with the Medicine Hat office. Pretty good call.... I could actually hear most of it. (added bonus)

I got my Pilate's dvd in the mail today! I am hoping to try it out tonight.

Not sure what to have for supper tonight. I know we need to do a little grocery shopping. Last night I had roasted potatoes with lemon pepper, cheese and a little gravy for supper. I was hungry a little bit later craving a grilled cheese sandwich on white.... but we don't have white bread in the house so I used a piece of brown bread and it was satisfying enough.

We finally finished watching our Star Wars marathon on Friday. I hadn't seen 2 and 3. It was interesting watching them again because there is tons of stuff that you miss. The next marathon Darren wants to do is Lord of the Rings. I'm up for it but it might have to be a couple of nights for one movie, especially if he wants to try the extended edition.

I have started to feel a lot more short with clients at work. Especially those that I have had issue with in the past. I'm trying to contain my attitude but it's hard when half the time I'm not realizing I am doing it until after it comes out.

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