Friday, March 12, 2010

Better day

It's FRIDAY!!!

Yesterday morning I had work meeting in the Hat. It was a nice break from the everyday thing. We ate at a Original Joe's (pub& bar) for lunch and the food was really good. (I had a steak sandwich, poutine and veggies & dip)

We got back to the office mid afternoon. I had NO modivation to get anything done. I did munch on to many candies during those last few hours in the work day and went home with a tummy ache. Oops.

Darren made supper for us, fish burgers with carrot sticks and grapes. It was pretty good. Tonight we are going to a friends play but were planing on having homemade hamburgers. (I'm going to slice an avacado on it. YUM!!

It's Darren weekend in the field so I am going to try to clean up the basement. There are things thrown EVERYWHERE!

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