Tuesday, March 16, 2010


I'm a whole year older today. I feel like it too. ;) (only because I slept horrible last night, up every hour on the hour tossing and turning).

Darren told me what he is getting me for my birthday, he wanted my opinion before he bought one. A rocking chair!! I have always wanted one and since there is a little one on the way there is no better time to invest! I'm torn between a traditional wood one and a glider type. I guess what it will come down to is what is the most comfortable.

Grandma dropped off a present for me yesterday. In the bag was this beautiful baby quilt made out of old blankets that I had when I was little. Apparently she had made it 12 years ago when she was first learning to quilt, and the coolest thing is Grandpa made sure the pattern and colors were just right. I love things that bring a happy tear to my eyes. It's going to be treasured for a long time.

HEART BURN! All of a sudden while I am writing this...... Okay I can breath again.

We were able to go see Kayley sing last night. She has such a beautiful voice. I wish I was able to hear her Latin and Italian songs but she said they were ones she has sang before, so I didn't miss anything new.

I found some great deals at Victoria Secret online for sweaters and a dress. It's styles that I will be able to wear as I get bigger and after when I loose it all. I wish it would come tomorrow but I have to wait for around the 3rd of April. I ordered a wrap sweater, cotton night gown, a tunic shirt with short sleeves and a teal summer dress with a square neck line (very cute) all for $130.00 including tax and shipping (not to bad)! There were a few things that I was interested in that were sold out but maybe that was a good thing for my pocket book ;).

Darren and I are starting to look into a new vehicle. We are planning on gettting a new one in about a year or so, but it's never to soon to look. We are drawn to the Honda Crosstour (Darren's fav)and the Toyaota Venza (my fav). I was googling my car to see what people are selling that model for and the only ones I could find were without sunroof & spoiler, but they were going for $8,000 (a little disappointed to say the least, especially since it is only 5 years old), the bonus is Darren's '95 Toyota is going for around $2,000 (not to shabbby for a very basic car).

I'm trying to decided what to do tonight... I'll probably end up cleaning the kitchen ;), it needs an overhaul. Or maybe Darren wil have a surprise for me.... we'll see!


  1. Hope you had a FABULOUS day!! :)

  2. Anonymous8:31 AM

    Happy Belated Birthday Jenny!!!!!!!!!