Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Darn flies

I'm sitting in my office doing some letter and then I hear them. They are buzzing around my window. For the past 2 weeks I think I have killed 2 a day. They seem to keep multiplying but the funny thing is they don't come into my office in threes or fours, only pairs. I was noticing that there are a lot of flies in the florescent lights. I think that's where they are coming from. Oh, will there be a day with no fly in the window.... a girl can dream.

Darren took me out for supper last night. It was a hard decision on where to go. (there isn't a lot of selections). We ended up going for a nice walk to BP's for pasta Tuesday. I have found a new pasta dish I like, baked ravioli with alfredo sauce. (I was terribly disappointed when they took tortellini off the menu). When we got home I had a long soak in a bubble bath enjoying my book. I slept so much better last night, but was up at 6am again (not ready to get up).

Today I am going to settle down and make sure I focus on my studying. I am writing on March 29 and I need to make sure I only write it once. (for my sanity).

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