Thursday, March 18, 2010

Best Husband Ever

Last turned into a really great night.

First I came home to a clean kitchen! Darren wiped down the stove, put the dishes away and was going to swifter the floor (found out that there wasn't a pad on the bottom and didn't know where to find them, we solved that and he know now)

Darren called his mom (finally) and I was able to chit chat with her for a bit. Shortly after we hung up with her, his sister (well nephew) called to wish me a Happy Birthday and I learned about 4x4 ing in the Dunes! Tyler thinks that I am the aunt to go off roading with ;0). Granted I have been, don't mind it, but I can only take so much. After talking to Tyler I had a really nice conversation with Carlene.

After we ate supper, I had a leisurely bath with a good book . Darren decided to start washing the bathroom sink and mirror. Man, does it ever look sparkling clean! I just love it when he spontaneously decides to clean.

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