Thursday, May 20, 2010

One more day

Only one more day this crazy work week! Then we are off to Winfield for a week. I can't wait to enjoy the lake, see the family and just  RELAX!  I have made a list of things we need to do before we leave. So far I have gotten the laundry done and will pack most of the suitcase tonight. Darren is going to mow the lawn  and water it tonight. 

Mom and Dad might drop by tonight for a quick visit. Mom said something about Dad wanted to look at a car that's for sale. Maybe I'll get Mom to help me bake some cookies. I found a couple recipes that I want to try, Rhubbarb Cookies, a Carrot Cookie(looks interesting), and a (soft) Chocolate Chip Oatmeal Cookie. I was going to make the Peanut Butter Flaxseed ones but  Darren's sister is allergic to some nuts and we aren't sure about  our niece & nephew. We will just have to save those for my side of the family ;).

I feel a little better today, I have been gettign really bad headaches and my back has been killing me. I think the headaches are from the heat and the backache are from sitting at my desk. I brought a pillow today to see if it will help, so far my back doesn't hurt as much....

Today the baby has decided to hang out under my right rib and jab it every so often. Not a pleasant feeling! Darren even had a little chat with him/her last night about jabbing my in the ribs but apparently isn't listening. tsk tsk

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  1. Hope you both have a fabulous holiday!! Relax and have fun. :)