Monday, May 31, 2010

My week

We had such a  fabulous time. It is always nice to see family and share 3 nights in a beach house (the value of it was probably around 1.5mill) Beautiful place. We kept the living room wall of windows open most of the time to enjoy the wonderful breeze off the Okanagan Lake. Every room had it's own bathroom. 

Well that was for Tuesday night till Friday morning.  Earlier that week we stayed at Darren's parents. We visited with some extended family we haven't seen for awhile. After church on Sunday Darren and I stopped at a little coffee shop that just opened up this winter in Winfield. The chai tea latte and okanagan fruit smoothy were FANTASTIC. It was pretty cool to find out the owner's were good friends of the family and Darren used to tutor there son. If anyone is in the Winfield area, across from the high school is a perfect coffee shop.

In my down time, I ended up reading a lot. I finished Last Song by Nicolas Sparks and got about half way through Forgotten Garden. I am just loving Forgotten Garden, It is high on my favorites list.

I also had a lot of time to think. We have decided that we are going cut down our sugar intake, and greasy food intake. We had eaten really well all week.  I don't know how easy it is going watch our sugar, since there is sugar in everything. I am going to use what I learned from WW to help us figure it out.

Last Monday after Tyler got home from school we headed off for a bike ride. It had been ages since I have ridden a bike! It felt GREAT. Darren was a little worried that it might be too much for me, but I told him it feels good to be on the bike. We rode for just over an hour. Man, my butt felt bruised. If I ever by a bike, I am goiing ot invest in one of those Grandma seats! I noticed a difference right away between biking here and biking there, THE HILLS!!

I didn't get to swim because the weather was rainy and a little chilly. Oh, well there still is time to swim :)

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