Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Blood test results

First of all, my office smells WONDERFUL! I cut some lilacs from our hedge and put them in a vase. 

Good news is that I don't have diabetes. Yeah, I can still enjoy ice cream!!! Bad news is my hemoglobin (my blodd count) is low, not so low that there is a problem but low enough that there could be issues later on. So to fix this I am to take a perscribed iron supplement 3 times a day with orange juice. (it's lucky I like orange juice).  Maybe that might help with my exhaustion as well.

I wasn't suppose to have my prenatal exam today but he thought since I was there and it's been a little while (booking appointments when I need them is tough) we may as well. The babies heart rate is 148 (perfect), my blood pressure is 108/63 (that's a good number, so I was told), and the baby is facing downwards, hence the constant kicking in the ribs.

I am starting my every 2 week appointments. That means things are getting pretty close. Good news about delivery is that there is a great chance of having the baby here in Brooks! Horray! That makes things cheaper (there is pay parking in Medicine Hat) and easier (then the chance of  Darren being around is higher).

I made a few of  lists last night. (Poor Darren and my over powering list making abilities!)  I think I made 5 lists in all. "Things that we have borrowed from others for the baby", "Things to do/need for the baby before it arrives", "Things to do, around the house (inside and out)", "Things people have given as gifts to us for baby", "Things to do before Saturday or on Saturday". I overwhelmed him with thoughts.

Tonight for supper I am going to make some chicken, roasted asparagus and rice.  I think I will go easy and make the cordon bleue chicken that is in the freezer. 

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