Thursday, June 24, 2010

Don't want to complain but goiing to anyways

Darren is surprised about how calm and reasonable I am. He thought that I would become a crazy pregnant lady. Haha fooled him ;)

So a few complaints just to get them off my chest:

1) Please leave all the drama out of the office.  Also we know that you always have sort of pain issue.  We have a small office and the anger or frustration is starting to make my moods go sour.

2) Over sized fly in my office, hanging out on the roof can leave now or I will have to find something to whack you with.

3) Blotchy skin on my face isn't making me happy. I don't mind the weight gain, big belly (or as people have been commenting little belly for 8 months), exhaustion but the blood vessels can go back into hiding. No one needs to seen  them. Makeup doesn't even help, it makes my skin oilier.

4) Toes curling behind my ribs aren't a pleasant feeling. At least you stop when i am standing or laying down...

Okay, that's all for negative complaints. The fly did stop buzzing after I wrote that comment....   

Went to the Doctor today, everything is looking good. Gained 1.2lbs since last appointment, 128/76 blood pressure and the heart rate is 142bpm.

Sang some good old Beatles Rockband last night, even tried to do the guitar (not very good but can do okay with 3 fingers)

Darren said I made the best spaghetti sauce. I told him it was my famous homemade sauce I use for my lasagna. He did very well portioning himself so he didn't over eat. We are going to have that for left overs tonight.

I'm going to whip up a bunch of lasagnas and freeze them this weekend. I owe Dad a couple for Father's day, thought it would be nice for Andrea and Byron to have something in the freezer for after the baby arrives( nope has come yet....Andrea is hoping soon), and maybe a couple in our freezer for the same reason. I'm trying to think of what else I could make that would freeze well... if there are any ideas let me know.

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