Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Wrong side of the bed.

I don't know what is with me this morning. I am as cranky as cranky can be. People in general  annoy me. I am hoping that I don't get a lot of calls or walk-ins. That is a hopefully dream because I am by myself in the office until later this afternoon. So far, so good though.

I think I need to make another list, of things we actually NEED before the little one is here. My brain is tired of focusing a lot on the baby. I have been trying to focus on other things, it's not that I am not excited but one can only talk about one subject for sooo long.  Thank goodness for work. I am able to focus on other things.

There are days when I feel Darren and I need a romantic get away. We have taken a few holidays this year but all of them were focused on family events. Maybe now wouldn't be a great time for something like that but I am missing that part of our relationship (though seeing that look in Darren's eye when i impress him with my wittiness and Rockband singing (rapping) abilities sure make s a girl swoon).

I am hoping we will be able to get away just the two of us eventually after the baby comes. It won't be right away but in the next year would be good. I was told about this hotel in Calgary, called Hotel Arts. I was looking at there website and thought it looked pretty cool. What I am craving now is the restaurant attached to it called Raw Bar. The pictures were making my mouth water so much last night that I had to wipe my face.  

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