Tuesday, June 22, 2010


 There is a movie rental store closing down, so we decided to go and see what kind of deals they would have on sale. The movies weren't a good price at all, a lot of them we could have gotten at Wall mart for a lot cheaper. We did end up finding some good deals on PS3 and Wii games. For not having very many PS3 games to begin with we doubled our selection, including Beatles Rockband (my pick, which didn't get any argument from Darren).  We have moved the PS3 upstairs and moved the DVD player downstairs. We are getting much more use out of the systems this way, since there isn't any proper seating downstairs yet.

We anticipating the arrival of my brother's little one. It should be any day now! Nothing like a new baby to add fun into a family.  Now that Andrea is going to pop, I am feeling more & more anxious. Can I do this? What a responsibility?

After spending a couple of hours at Mom & Dad's on Sunday with the rest of the family. I was feeling very lazy. My sister always has something on the go, especially now that she has a 2 year old and newborn to take care of. My sister-in-law, is nesting, goes out for walks, visits people. Myself, I go to work, and by the time the day is over I am ready to lay down for the night. My mind wouldn't mind a walk but my body says "NAH",  I haven't really nested at all, and the stuff that I want to get done I can't do because it involves lifting and moving boxes, or bending over (not an easy task to get up). On weekends I get so worn out by the afternoon, even if I am doing nothing. It is worse when we are visiting.  Is it going is going to be worse the more we get into July?

From what it looks like we are planning on coming to Calgary July 3 weekend. I don't know which day and we might spend the night depending on what our schedule. There are a few things we would like to get done.  
-Find a comfy chair 
-go to Ikea for a bookshelf
-visit with Grandpa Stauffer & Auntie Lorna
-go for lunch/dinner with Jen
-see Ryan, Nat & Eric (possibly go for lunch/dinner)
-maybe look at Tv's

So we will see how things go.  If anyone has a time for getting together that works best, let me know.


  1. Anonymous12:12 PM

    Hi Jenny!!

    I'm definitely hoping you can see us when you visit! Me and Eric should be free all weekend except Sunday night, not sure what Ryan's schedule is, but I don't think he's working, so just let us know when you're around :) Hopefully we won't be too exhausting (we have an awesome new couch though, so feel free to come by for a nap!) ;)


  2. I've got no extra shifts that weekend. Well a day shift on the Friday- god its going to be interesting to see what working normal people hours is like. And my tattoo on the afternoon of Saturday, but that's only supposed to be an hour or so.... Otherwise can't wait to see you!

  3. Lunch or dinner wold be great that weekend! The only thing I may have going on is helping with renos or building a garage at my parents new place - but since it's them, I'm pretty sure I can come and go as needed so I can see you both. :)