Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Baby supplies

Been thinking a lot about what we still need before the baby comes. So I started to write down a list (besides people keep asking what we need). I have attached a copy of the list here. I couldn't believe how many things came to mind as I was writing.  Who knew having a kid would fil up a room that quickly. Good thing we cleaned it out and are purging quite a bit of junk.

-Diapers (majority cloth) Assorted sizes….. Probably more medium & large
   -Fuzzi Bunz
   -Happy Hieny's  (one size)
-Diaperliners…depends on the diapers
-Diaper covers asstorted colors
-Diaper sprayer…. Example of one not necessary the one.  
-Booster Seat with tray, infant to toddler (looks to have really good reviews) example:
-Diaper pail (with lid and liner)
-Bottle sanitizer
-Bottle warmer
-Play Pen I think this is the one we liked (monkeys)  
-Baby Monitor, one with good distance (the walls in our home sometimes obstruct wireless signals)
-Diaper Bag (not sure what we are looking for exactly) not girly and easy to carry
-Frozen meals, so Darren doesn't have to cook much ;)
-Bookshelf cube like that I could put baskets in as well as stack books (Ikea?) picture ideas: Not sure on size, probably more like dresser size…
-Non-wicker storage baskets for the bookshelf
-Closet Organizer (custom fit) idea  (the pink kids one)
-Laundry Hamper (Not wicker) kid friendly idea on style :  
-Toy chest (not plastic) (one that can grow with the baby) used is okay as long it is in good condition
-Comfy Chair (it's a birthday present from Darren)

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