Tuesday, June 15, 2010

The Basa fish was pretty good last night.  Yet, I'm not going to say it was a favorite, not a lot of flavor, even with lemon juice and parsley.

Today went went out for lunch to Tim Horton's. It was a reasonably healthy choice. For supper we are going to have left over pasta & sauce and fish.

Darren is pretty excited that I am going to be helping him with making healthy choices and keeping him accountable. I love entering data adn coming out with results at the end, so I 'm happy to do it for him. I told all he needs to do is remember what he is eating, qualities, brands and how many minutes he walks when he is in the field.

I slept heavy last night. Didn't wake up until 6:30am! (it's a record!) I don't know if it had to do with the rain outside, the bath I had or the lack of sleep the night before but it felt great! I plan on having a good sleep tonight too.

It's been a little fustrating lately. I have started to notice that I'm not able to do as much as I would like physically. Bending down to pick something up or even to tie my shoe is becoming a pain in the butt. Squeezing through spaces that I think I have enough room doesn't work. I'm expecting it will get worse. I have 6 weeks (give or take) left, and in those weeks will be getting bigger and bigger. Soon , I will become an overstuffed whale!

The other fustration is being terribly tired all the time. Sitting wears me out, standing wears me out sleeping wears me out, work wears me out. How am I ever going to get anthing done? Do you think I am going to make it working until the very last moment... we will see!  

We might have to take a trip up to Calgary and get Eric to take a few belly pictures... I'm starting to think it might be nice to have one or two to remember what I looked like. For some reason all the pictures that have been taken of me during this last 7 months don't show my shape, only above the shoulders.... hmmmm

Maybe on Darren next weekend off we will head up to Calgary, have dinner with Jen...(if she wants too), go to Ikea for a storage unit, look at finding a comfy chair for me to sit on with the baby. Visit Ryan, Eric & Nat, see how the house is shaping up...  Man, that sounds exhausting ;)


  1. Of course I'd LOVE to have dinner with the two of you!!!! Let me know when and where!!! :)

  2. April5:32 AM

    Yay belly pics!!!!