Monday, June 14, 2010

Starting healthy eating thinking again

Darren and I had a really good chat yesterday about Healthy eating. He is tired of putting too much crap in his body and soon I will have no excuse for the bits of treats I consume. (Besides I would love to loose this excess baby weight in a timely fashion). I will be helping him record wheat he is eating so he has an idea on paper.

Starting this week we are making a meal plan for the week, after supper tonight we will finalize it and go to the grocery store and stock our bare fridge (AND I mean bare, I don't think it has been this empty, even when we went on vacation)

Tonight will be basa fish with a lemon pepper spice rub, rice, and assorted veggies from the freezer. I don't know exactly what it will taste like but I'm expecting something along the lines of cod.... 

Had my 34 week appointment today, everything seems well.
BP: 121/74
HB: 132bpm (babies), 72bpm(mine, the dobbler picked up both)
Weight: right on schedule!

The weekend wore me out even more than I was. We had company all weekend due to the rodeo parade and pancake breakfast. Our two year niece sure can wear a person out. I felt bad for her because she wants to snuggle with me sometimes but I can't lift her up or bend down easily. She does get Auntie snuggles when we sit on the couch to read a book. Her and Darren had a great time playing games and doing yard work. She went with Mom & Dad to see the fireworks and loved it! She also kept looking out the window asking where the parade went.

We also spent some quality time with our other 6 week old niece. She was much easier to take care off but eats a lot! We watched both girls while Jo was able to have a well deserved nap.  

Everyone left Sunday afternoon and I laid down hoping to nap but wasn't able to. The worst of it was I was up every half hour after 2:30am. I am feeling very run down and exhausted today at work. Crossing my fingers that I will sleep better tonight.

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